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Two students play the leads at guitar club


As members of guitar club Nick Petrus and Abel Quintero, two seniors, have not only become stronger musicians but musical leaders.

Both Petrus and Quintero joined the club when they were freshmen. While Quintero had been playing bass guitar a few years before, Petrus had just started learning guitar when he joined. “I could barely play power chords, and I couldn’t solo,” Petrus said.

However, with regular attendance, Petrus and Quintero became more proficient musicians.

“I’ve definitely become better at soloing and improvising through guitar club,” Quintero said. “It’s also helped me come up with bass lines and write music in general.”

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“Now I can play all kinds of things,” Petrus said. “[Guitar club] has given me a place to perfect my soloing. I play a lot by ear, and when I play with a group, I don’t need sheet music. I can just make up chords and solo along.”

While both Petrus and Quintero come from different musical backgrounds, they try to branch out and work with each other musically. “[Petrus] will bring in some indie sounding riffs with weird choruses, and that’s helped me with my ear training and come up with a bass line faster,” Quintero said.

As of right now, guitar club has fewer attendees, as many students in the club are involved in track and field. By becoming regular members, Petrus and Quintero have become the strongest leading members of the club.

For the future, both Petrus and Quintero plan to pursue music in the future.

“I plan on minoring in music in college,” Quintero said. “Hopefully, I’ll join a band too.”

“I’m going to be going to college in the city, and I want to record some demos and get my music out on the web [there],” Petrus said.

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