Banke snaps his way into job with ASU

Like his classmates, Charlie Banke, senior, attends most Central basketball games. However, instead of confetti cannons and signs, he holds and uses two professional grade cameras. This is because Banke is the photographer for various sporting events at Central, and he his soon to be a photographer for Arizona State University’s athletic department.

Banke’s interest in photography began in the eighth grade when he started taking pictures of his brother snowboarding. “It just took off from there,” Banke said. “I then joined yearbook sophomore year, and [I would] do various photography work for them.”

Although his portfolio displays work ranging from weather, travel, architecture, landscapes and more, Banke prefers sports photography over all the rest.

This season he photographed the Red Devils football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and swimming teams but he has even bigger plans for the future.

“Next year I am going to be a photographer for Arizona State and their athletic department,” Banke said. “I contacted them initially, and they saw my website, and they asked me to come shoot the basketball game at DePaul.”

For the future, Banke is excited for the big exposure this new opportunity at ASU can bring him.

“[The ASU media relations program] runs all the press releases and social media stuff, so they have live twitter feeds during games,” said Banke. “So if I’m taking photos of a basketball game I’ll give them photos at halftime and they’ll post photos to Twitter, and it will go out to their 24,000 fans.”