Swank and Thorne craft customized lollipops

Seniors Maddy Swank and Lindsey Thorne have every little kid’s dream job. The two of them work at Vintage Confections, a candy shop in Clarendon Hills that specializes in producing edible image lollipops.

Swank and Thorne work as unmolders, as each of the lollipops are made by hand. After the liquid is poured into the big molds, Thorne and Swank have to remove the clips and molds from the lollipops before they can blowtorch the lollipops dry, and then shine them. From there, Thorne and Swank sort and pack the lollipops into the right containers.

“It’s a fun job. I like all the people there. I don’t think I can do any other job,” Swank said. Many Central students have applied for a job there, but currently Thorne and Swank are the only two Central students there.

Vintage Confections received a call from “Shark Tank,” a reality TV show that profiles different up and coming businesses, and then hired Pat Foley, senior and head of Hued Productions, to film a submission video to be featured on the show. At this point in time, they are still waiting to hear back.

If the candy shop is featured on “Shark Tank,” Thorpe believes that the company will have to open a second location, and probably hire up to 90 people to compensate for the demand that would result from being on the show. “Just by going on the show, they’ll get millions of orders because it’s on national television,” Thorne said.