Class of 2014 says goodbye


While most underclassmen are still in the midst of classes, homework, and projects, seniors are beginning to wrap things up with not only their classes, but also with their time at Central. Toward the end of May, the inevitable approaches: graduation. However, before the big day there are a lot of sentimental moments to go through and even more goodbyes to say. In particular, the class of 2014 is looking to leave their lasting mark at Central and enjoy their last couple weeks together as a class.

One way that the seniors are looking to bond is through a Senior Sunset. On Wednesday May 28, the day before graduation, all the seniors are invited to watch the sunset together on the football field. This serves as a symbolic ending to the year, particularly because many seniors gathered to watch the sunrise on the first day of school.

“It’s a nice sentimental experience with friends. I bet a lot more kids will come out for senior sunset, which will be cool since we’ll be spending our last night on the school’s football field,” said Kate Ryan, senior. Ryan and fellow senior Paxton Gammie came up with the idea after attending CADA, a California based leadership camp, over the summer.

“Paxton and I attended CADA this past summer, and we saw that some schools did really cool things to unite the senior class. We started asking about Senior Sunrise and Sunset, and then we realized how easy it is to do,” Ryan said.

Although Senior Sunrise and Sunset is a new tradition at Central, some other senior events have a longer history behind them. The senior baccalaureate service, a nondenominational worship service, is a longstanding tradition at Central according to senior Abby Gurka, who is leading the service. The baccalaureate service is also planned for the day before graduation and will be before the Senior Sunset.

“The service has been put on for many years and is always the night before graduation. It will be a great way for us to unite and share in our faith, which we don’t get to do often since we are at a public school,” Gurka said.

The service will feature a number of seniors showcasing their talents through readings, songs, and acting.

“I think our class has had a ton of fun these last four years, but this will be cool to see kind of a more serious side of our class,” Gurka said.

Nevertheless, seniors are not the only students at Central saying goodbye. Many underclassmen also have close relationship with the class of 2014 and are saying goodbye in their own way, through Key Club’s Kiss a Senior Goodbye. For a dollar, underclassmen can write a note to be sent to a senior with a bag of Hershey Kisses.

“A lot of people think it’s a cute idea and a great way to end senior year. We’ve got about 100 people in the event page that are interested in this, so it’s pretty popular if I do say so myself,” said Sunil Dommaraju, junior and Key Club board member.

Dommaraju echoes the sentiments of many underclassmen in their relationship with the class of 2014 when describing the class.

“The class of 2014 is composed of such funny, smart, and talented people. It’s going to be sad seeing all my really close friends go there separate ways,” Dommaraju said.

In addition to the generally good nature of this year’s senior class in the eyes of the underclassmen, the class of 2014 will be remembered for bringing spirit back into Central through events such as Code Red.

“The senior class this year really showed an increase in school spirit, and I hope it continues next year,” Dommaraju said.

This year’s seniors agree and believe that this increased spirit will play a large part in increasing participation at these end of the year events.

“What’s unique about our class is the fact that our school spirit has been sub-par the past three years, and this year we all really stepped it up. If it had been any other year, I doubt many kids would’ve come to the sunrise,” Gammie said.

Gammie believes that the basis for this spirit is the realization that everyone is going there separate ways and wanting to spend the remaining time with the class as a whole.

“Something about senior year causes everyone push aside the whole ‘I’m too cool for this’ mentality and just get involved with class activities,” Gammie said.