Grady leaves her legacy on Devils’ Advocate


The bell announcing the start of seventh period rings as Mrs. Susan Grady enters room 504. Taking a seat at her desk, she takes out her tablet and logs onto  As she reads and edits her way through the online newspaper’s articles, the Devils’ Advocate buzzes with activity. With Grady at the helm, the class runs smoothly as the staff churns out story after story.

Grady has dedicated 12 years to working with student-run publications. Currently teaching Journalism 1, Journalism 2 Online, and Journalism 2 Print, she has spent six years advising the Devils’ Advocate, contributing to the print magazine’s Newspaper Pacemaker Award. This year, however, Grady will step down from her position as sponsor of Central’s student-run publication.

As a pillar of Central’s journalism program, Grady has left her mark on several of her students. “Mrs. Grady taught me everything I know about journalism, and she made my favorite classes, Journalism 1 and Journalism 2 Online,” said Sanjana Srinivasan, writer for the Devils’ Advocate Online.

Advocate has been so awesome these past few years, and [Mrs. Grady] has made journalism so much fun. I’ll miss Advocate next year,” said Katherine Kiang, writer for the Devils’ Advocate Online.

Grady accomplished making journalism an enjoyable topic of study for students, stirring their passion for journalism by enhancing their skills. “Mrs. Grady was always so helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help me learn the art of journalism,” said Daniel Holland, writer for the Devils’ Advocate Online.

“Mrs. Grady has been a fantastic teacher and mentor. Whenever I thought my [articles] were finished, she always had an idea to improve them,” said Christi Carras, writer for the Devils’ Advocate Online.

While maintaining a lively, enjoyable classroom setting, Grady also strove for excellence.

According to past Advocate editor Kristy Hamilton, “Mrs. Grady had a great vision for Devils’ Advocate and, more importantly, had the competitive drive to achieve what she set out to do.”

It is because of Grady that many chose to join the student newspaper.

“Mrs. Grady changed my high school experience. I would have never tried out for Devils’ Advocate without her mentioning it in class. I can honestly say she was my favorite teacher, [after] having her [for] all four years,” said Anna Konstant, writer for the Devils’ Advocate Online. “She’s helped me become a better person and journalist. She made every class exciting and relatable.”

Besides her contributions to the Devils’ Advocate, Grady is a devoted instructor beloved by her students. “I’ve had Frau Grady for German and Advocate. It was awesome,” said Nina Demirjian, one of Grady’s students and writer/videographer for the Devils’ Advocate Online.

Grady has left an indelible impression on her students’ high school experiences, and her amazing presence will be greatly missed on the Devils’ Advocate.