Friendship bracelet club gains popularity at Central


Michael Claussen

Jake Heiser, junior, works on his friendship bracelet during the club’s weekly meeting.

Now in its second year as an official club at Hinsdale Central, the Friendship Bracelet Club gives any interested high school student an opportunity to learn new bracelet designs and develop crafty art skills.

Club president Sydney Sabbagha, junior, came up with the idea for the club based off of her love of art and bracelets.

“My best friend and I, Nicole Burjek, have been crafty and have been making bracelets for almost 10 years,” Sabbagha said. “I had always thought a club would be perfect because there are so many benefits of making bracelets.”

Despite the fact that the club has only been around for a short period of time, it has gained popularity relatively quickly.

“I told my friends to spread the word about the club,” Sabbagha said. “Also, I asked my sponsor, Ms. Belter, to put it in the announcements.”

The Friendship Bracelet Club meets every Wednesday at 7:20 a.m. in room 145. A typical meeting consists of teaching bracelet patterns, and then the club members demonstrate what they learned by making their own bracelet for the day.

“When people come to the meeting, I give them some string and a piece of tape, and when everyone is seated, I explain the pattern,” Sabbagha said. “I walk around to make sure everyone gets it.”

Although the club may appear to appeal predominately to girls, the Friendship Bracelet Club attracts a wide array of students, male or female. The club now uses social media to remind the club of the meeting date and what the agenda is for the meeting.

“The day before we have a meeting, I post in the Facebook group and our Twitter page,” Sabbagha said. “I usually prepare for about 20 people. I like a happy environment, too, so I like to bring food for the club members.”

Sabbagha believes that Friendship Bracelet Club is becoming so popular because of its distinctiveness from other clubs at Central.

“The clubs at Hinsdale Central are great,” Sabbagha said. “I think the Friendship Bracelet Club is even better because it gives students a chance to do something totally different than your typical club.”