Music beyond band and orchestra: performance club


courtesy of Andrew Coyner

(from left to right) Terence Dunphy, sophomore, Andrew Benington, freshman, Ellie Guido, sophomore, Julia Coyner, sophomore, Khloe Pastore, sophomore, Charlie Johns, freshman, and Nick Alex, junior, are all in performance club.

It is no surprise that a school as large as Central would be a host to a plethora of musical talent. Central’s band and orchestra programs are filled with hundreds of students who have developed a love of performing with each other. However, some students felt the need to perform not only outside of a school environment, but also perform solo pieces rather than in a group setting. To resolve this conflict, Nick Alex, junior  and Julia Coyner, sophomore, started a club outside of school. This club, known as performance club, allows students to play their instruments or perform other musical talents individually.

“Performance club is a club outside of school that allows musicians of all skill levels to perform and raise funds for organizations,” said Nick Alex, junior and co-founder of performance club. “I started the club with Julia Coyner because a lot of students in band and orchestra expressed their interest in performing at a solo or duet level.”

“Performance club is different from other Central’s music programs because it allows an individual to perform different types of music,” said Julia Coyner, sophomore. “This club also gives kids first hand experience in performing as an individual rather than in a group.”

Despite their efforts to have their club recognized, both founders have had trouble gaining school recognition. One of the main problems is that some fear a performance club will interfere with Central’s musical departments.

“This club has had a hard time becoming official because the school fears that it will conflict with the already existing music programs. Maybe if we can get more people with a more diverse range of talents, we could gain some recognition from the school, ” Coyner said.

Students who are interested in the club can contact either Alex or Coyner via the school e-mail or even their Facebook accounts. They are willing to take in any new members who have a desire to show off their music abilities. The founders have high hopes in the future that the school will provide recognition once enough students express their support for such a club. Until then, performance club will remain a club outside the school but available for all those who attend Central.