History Club looks to the future through the past

Hinsdale Central students have yet another club to join this year-History Club. The club was made this year by JD Randell, senior, along with his friends Andrew Coyner, junior, and Jack Mueller, junior.

Last year Randell and his friends participated in Wisconsin’s state tournament in history and “swept the field”, allowing them to go participate in the national History Bowl.

History Bowl is a jeopardy-like competition, very similar to the well-known scholastic bowl; however, it has only history-related questions.

“After [Nationals], people on the team wanted to make an official school-recognized team and a place to draw other students who are interested in history where they can test their knowledge against others and learn about and teach history to each other,” Randell said.

The goal of History Club is to prepare members for both state and national tournaments this school year, both of which Randell holds high expectations for.

“Competitively, we are going to try to get in the top three teams in Illinois for the state tournament and repeat our win at Wisconsin while becoming more of a presence at Nationals and move from roughly the 50 percentile in points to the 25 percentile-all of which I believe our team members are capable of.”

Despite these high expectations, the club is not only focused on rankings and tournaments.

“This year we hope to grow our club and really be able to provide a place for history lovers to broaden and deepen their knowledge,” Randell said.