A social outing with the social chair


Christi Carras

Senior Weston Berger poses in the hallway connecting to the field house, surrounded by images of cheer, something he strives to create at each of Central’s student events.

As social chair, senior Weston Berger, who commonly goes by Wes, makes it his duty to inspire legitimate passion and zeal for school spirit in the student section. Despite holding such an esteemed position, there are a lot of duties that comes along with the responsibility.

“As social chair, I have meetings twice a week with the rest of student council,” Berger said. “I host many of the events put on by student council. I try to make my unofficial duty to lead the student section. I really enjoy spreading school spirit.”

Berger has already hosted a variety of pep rallies in the last three months. He shared some of his tips for psyching up student morale.

“The trick is to be loud and obnoxious. You have to surprise people, give them something they’ve never seen before. Honestly, I love doing what I get to do. I love the feeling of people getting fired up,” Berger said.

Being social chair can be a pretty big time commitment and time is a valuable resource in the competitive academic environment here at Central, but Berger loves balancing his responsibilities.

“Sleep really isn’t in the question some days. I do have a lot of advisors or other people who I can go to if I really need help. It can be tough sometimes balancing school and social chair stuff, but it’s part of the job,” he said.

Now that the school year has leveled off with most of the excitement, Berger has been able to relax a little bit more.

“I’m not as busy these days. I still go to meetings twice a week like usual. Now I’m focused on possibly hosting the upcoming variety show. Student Council is planning some other smaller events, passing out candy and other things. I still try and update the Red Devil Nation Facebook page, especially with basketball season coming up,” he said.

Berger manages the updates on the Red Devil Nation Facebook page, inspiring school spirit even outside of the school environment. His dedication to his work as social chair shines through his actions.