Red Devils are lovable too


Courtesy of Toni Adeyemi and Mrs. Phillip

Student Council wrote the names of every student and faculty member on hearts to decorate the halls Friday at school and to remind each Red Devil that they are loved.

Last week, Happy Club, Student Council, Character Counts, and the library all joined together to host a “Red Devils are Lovable too” Week in honor of Valentine’s Day  to spread love around the school. This included the thousands of hearts in the hallway, each displaying a student or faculty member’s name, and other acts to spread love and happiness.

“The purpose was to show people that the little things matter,” said senior and Happy Club member Laila Drury. “Random acts of kindness can take two seconds but can brighten someone’s day so much, and this week was to give examples of what a big difference something small can have.” Happy Club blew bubbles, made the notes for the library, did the hi-5 highway with JKB, and made a playlist for the hallways, Drury explained.

“My favorite thing was the hearts in the hall,” said Dominique Kokoszka. “I didn’t find mine, but a friend did.”

The jokes hanging in the hallways were guaranteed to bring a smile to students who stared at the wall while trying to wash their hands in the bathroom or filled up their water bottles. The best were the posters that had “tear-aways” with fun things like, “Should this octopus have less tentacles?” (then you take a tentacle).

Going through the High 5 Highway, a line of students, thanks to Happy Club and JKB, cheerily offering high fives, provided a happy way to start off the morning.

“It was very successful,” Drury said. “The High 5 Highway was a blast and made a lot of mornings brighter. Bubbles never fail to brighten a day, and the sticky-notes in the library were a more concrete pick-me up that made a lot of people smile. My favorite part was watching people choose to be nice to others despite the stressful school week and dreary weather. The smallest things truly can make a huge difference.”