Veronica of all trades


courtesy of Cothard

Cothard waves to the camera before a color guard performance during the fall season.

In the dim lighting of the green room under the auditorium, senior Veronica Cothard applies her makeup for the most recent musical, Fiddler on the Roof. While the rest of the cast run around frantically, stress evident on their faces as they wonder how they’ll fit in homework and dinner in between rehearsals, Cothard remains relaxed. She’s no novice when it comes to meshing her school life with her extracurricular life.

Cothard has been in drama club, color guard, band, and bowling since she was a freshman, three of which she held leadership positions. She’s also house managed two musicals, acted in the cast for two more, and partook in numerous plays.

“I’m up late doing work, but most of my conflicts are with [my other activities],” Cothard said. “I had to miss many bowling practices for musical rehearsal.”

Between color guard practices, musical rehearsals, and bowling meets, Cothard continues to be socially active.

“I’ve made my best friends through these activities, so I get to hang out with them every day after school,” Cothard said. “Then we will just grab a bite to eat or go to the gym together afterward to hang out more.”

Cothard didn’t just show up the first day of freshman year and decide to join every possible club she could think of–she’s been involved in many of her activities since she was little.

“I’ve done band since fifth grade and Saturday bowling leagues since third grade,” Cothard said.

When deciding on what extracurriculars to continue in high school, Cothard went with the flow, for the most part.

“I kept up with musical and bowling because I couldn’t imagine not doing it,” Cothard said. “As for theater, it was a good way to hang out with my friends who were already involved in them, and when I started, I fell in love with the people and the whole organization.”

Even though she’s participated in more extracurriculars than most high schoolers ever will, Cothard still wishes she did more throughout her four years.

“I look back and wish that I had courage to try out for more things and see if I wanted to do a different sport,” Cothard said. “But as you get older and you start to focus on a few activities, it gets more and more difficult to join things.”

Cothard strives to be as active as she can in her last few months in high school, and she advises underclassmen to follow in her footsteps.

“Join as many things as you can freshman year because it’s a great way to make friends and figure out what you really enjoy,” Cothard said. “Don’t be afraid to try something because it’s better to decide you hate it than to never have done it and wish you had.”