Childhood friends turned Social Chairmen


courtesy of Michael Claussen

Juniors Eamon McMahon and Eric Foley recently won the social chair position for next school year as part of Student Council elections.

As of Mar. 26, 2015, Student Council elections were underway. Each year, a highly anticipated spot is that of the new Social Chairmen, the pair of students responsible for bringing together the student body in support of Red Devil Nation and running school pep assemblies. This year, the duo consists of two soon-to-be senior men with a long history and undeniable chemistry: Eric Foley and Eamon McMahon.

Foley and McMahon began their quests for Social Chair as early as freshman year. McMahon idolized the Social Chairmen his freshman, sophomore, and junior years and decided that position was what he wanted to take when he became a senior.

“I felt inclined to run for social chair because a lot of people told me that I would be a good fit for the position, and I admired the preceding social chairmen, Jack Kengott, Blake Stephens, Jack Duggan, to name a few,” McMahon said. “I can remember freshman year thinking how cool it would be to be Jack Kengott.”

With that longtime desire to fulfill the position of Social Chair, McMahon considered Foley, someone with which he had a connection and had known for years.

“The chemistry between Eric and I dates back to when we played on the same travel baseball team in our pre-pubescent middle school years,” McMahon said.

Foley added, “[Eamon and I] have odd, yet ideal chemistry that will come at you by surprise. We knew this chemistry would concoct a year of excitement, teamwork, and fun, if we were to be Social Chairs.”

After officially deciding to become the Social Chairmen, Foley and McMahon considered their main goals: to outdo previous Social Chairmen and fulfill their responsibilities.

“Our expectations are in the sky for next year,” Foley said. “Eamon and I are hoping to outdo the social chairs in the past which will be a challenging task.”

The way to achieve it? Encourage the collective student body to exude full spirit.

“Eric and I will be focusing on how to renovate the pep rallies to make them more engaging for the average student’s eyes,” McMahon said. “Our goal is to have kids excited to be there and catch on to our recently revamped school spirit.”

Despite the pair’s strong mindset and clear vision for next year, Foley and McMahon understand that their tasks don’t come easily.

“My mentality going into next year is that the student body will react to whatever energy we put in,” McMahon said. “As Eric and I become more public and ‘social,’ kids will follow our lead, especially since we are placed on such a high pedestal.”

For the two, the best way to bring together students is through school events.

“A huge part of being Social Chair is just simply getting out to and promoting as many school events as possible,” Foley said. “Also, more evidently, getting kids pumped during pep assemblies is a main duty of ours. This is where the real heat is going to be. It’s going to be literal fire up in those.”

Above all, Foley and McMahon are more than anxious to begin their reign as Social Chairmen. Whatever challenge presents itself, these boys are ready to take it on.

“One thing is for sure, and that is: next year’s going to be hot,” Foley said. “It should be a saucy year, and I’m excited for our term.”