Jaffe teaches, directs and coaches


Julia Guglielmo

English teacher, Susan Jaffe, observes senior Jeff Hopkins during her speech and communications class.

Susan Jaffe goes above and beyond the average English teacher. Jaffe teaches three English courses over the day including, English II, Rhetoric, and Speech and Communications. With this packed schedule Jaffe still has time to participate in other school activities.

“I directed the spring play this year, and I am the sponsor of the Central Drama Club,” Jaffe said.

In the three short years Jaffe has been teaching at the school she has also been a coach of the Forensics team. Outside of school Jaffe recently had a baby girl, Rose Elizabeth.

When asked how she juggles school, clubs, and a new child Jaffe said, “It’s hard, but luckily I have a job where I actually really love my time here and the work I do. Even though it’s hard to be away from her, the time here is very enjoyable to me, so that helps.”

However, when asked  what her favorite activity is, she said, “It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really love musicals. So, directing the spring play was very special to me.”

Although Jaffe loves drama, teaching is still her number one priority.

“I like all my [classes] in different ways, but teaching seniors is very rewarding. My speech class is very enjoyable because speech is a passion of mine also,” Jaffe said.