Where is everyone going? College Matriculation Map: Class of 2015

Map of the class of 2015’s future college destinations. We wish them luck and know they will continue the Red Devil Spirit all over the world.

The time has come. Below is a map of every member of the class of 2015’s matriculation intent. The map can be sorted by the type of university and the university itself. Names of each student attending the university are accessible by clicking the location bullet.

Zoom in to see spread of students by area. Click on circle charts to get specific college information.

View Class of 2015 Matriculation Map in a full screen map

And a letter to the senior class….

Central is about to graduate a class that has athletically dominated the state more powerfully than any other class. A class holding forensics champions, mock trail champions, gifted state-level musicians. A class that has theatrically taken us back to the Turmoil of Vietnam protest and that has danced upon the roof in Anatevka, Russia on stage. A class that has encapsulated everyone’s story in hundreds of pages of hard work. A class that revitalized the energy of Red Devil Nation to a level that I have never seen before in my high school career.

The class of 2015 has truly excelled in everything that could be excelled in.  All of you have such bright futures and the amount of you continuing your education shows this.

As a junior, I feel our class has a lot to live up to, but also, to aspire to be. And for that, I thank you class of 2015.

Bonus Map of Matriculation Intensity