Matt Rafferty – the ultimate jock


Matt Rafferty, senior, is now a three sport athlete after joining the Hinsdale Central volleyball team.

After a very successful football season and record-breaking basketball season, Matt Rafferty has decided to join yet another varsity sport: volleyball.

“I chose to play volleyball because I would go to the games and it seemed like the guys were having a great time together,” Rafferty said. “I was hoping to give the team a little boost now that Kurt (McConnel) is out.”

Rafferty’s height and sheer athleticism alone makes him a great candidate for a center on the volleyball court. With a little more practice he believes he can be a well-rounded volleyball player.

“The first tournament was a big learning curve for me because I was not sure where to always be,” Rafferty said. “I think with some more practice I will improve more as a volleyball player instead of just an athlete.”

Volleyball games are best two out of three in games to 25, with no running time, something entirely different from the previous sports Rafferty has played.

“It’s a lot different from the other sports because of the different rules and the team is a little smaller and it’s no contact”.

Rafferty will continue his basketball career at Furman University in South Carolina next school year, perhaps playing volleyball in his free time.