The Hinsdale Central Bucket List

As two second semester seniors, we’ve been looking back at our high school experience a lot the past few weeks. Four years ago, we thought this day would never come, and now we’re dreading it. While there have been some things we enjoyed, we also have some regrets. In order for you not to feel the same way when it comes down to the final seconds, we’ve compiled a list of things you should do before you graduate: a Hinsdale Central Bucket List.

Con. Law

Luckily I did join this class. In Constitutional Law, not only do you learn how to talk your way out of legal trouble, you learn the ins and outs of the US legal system, which can make a girl feel really intelligent and street smart. Not to mention, it’s a fun class full of lots of arguing.

The final is also unique in Con Law.

“In a civics course like this, it provides students an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in a format other than multiple choice finals. [The alternative finals I usually offer are] a teaching DVD, police ride-along, prison documentary, or inner-city shadowing,” said Con. Law teacher Alex Hipskin in a previous article for Advocate.



An amazing class with one of the best teachers I’ve had, Mr. Russo. You get to find out so much about yourself and why you act the way you do. You learn that all those weird things you do, other people do too.

courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Participate in a sport or club that you’re dedicated to

Well, this one kind of speaks for itself.

What’s better than doing something you love? Doing it with people that love it as much as you do.



Take a business class

Maybe you don’t plan on going into business once you go into college, but these are the types of skills you can use no matter what profession you fall into.


LT vs. HC on Friday, Jan. 8.                                                    courtesy of Alex Herbst

Go to an LT game

Come on! This one’s a no brainer. Your future college bowl games will be nothing in comparison to shouting “LT sucks” across a high school gymnasium at your mortal enemies.



Hinsdale Central PTO Hot Chocolate Tuesdays in December. Image courtesy of HC Activities Twitter.


Get free hot chocolate in cafeteria

Because it’s free.


Free ice cream at the end of the year in cafeteria

Also because it’s free. And delicious.

Weston Berger and Jack Duggan host the 2015 variety show. Image courtesy of Hinsdale Doings.

See the Variety Show

It’s no secret that Hinsdale Central is stock full of talented individuals, so why not see them all come together at one single event?


Your ART
courtesy of Hinsdale Central

Take an art class

Express your creativity in one of our school’s many art classes. From painting, to ceramics, to art history, the choice is yours. I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t enjoy their art class. It’s a nice break in your day, even if the only artistic talent you think you have is of drawing stick figures. Bonus: there’s usually no homework!

Film Studies

The one class I will forever regret taking. You watch amazing movies and talk about them. And if you ever meet a film nerd in the future, you’ll feel capable of having an intelligent conversation about the nature of a Bartolucci film. Not to mention that everyone who takes this class loves it!


You get to discuss philosophical concepts that sometimes make your brain hurt, but you always leave knowing more than you thought you could. You get to watch amazing movies, and sit in circles and argue with your classmates, and teacher! Also, Mr. Freiler is an amazing teacher. (Don’t worry, he’s definitely not as intimidating as your first day of AP Euro.)

Board of college announcements outside of guidance department. Image courtesy of HC Activities Twitter

Get to know your guidance counselor early

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them come college season. You’re also definitely going to want a great letter of recommendation for college!


Senior Sunrise and Sunset

No matter how involved in school spirit you are, there’s nothing better than watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Maybe you’ll be with all of your best friends, or with classmates you’ve just met, but in the end you’ll be taking in that moment with people you’ve come to know really well.


Senior Assassins

“Killing” your best friend or that kid that annoyed you in science class, either way it’s a great time. Follow this years action on the twitter page.



So what if it might be a little overrated? It’s prom, and at Hinsdale Central, there’s only one.


3825e00c138fe8a31cbc224bced7297bGraduation Ceremony

Don’t be that one guy that doesn’t show up. It might be the last time you ever see your school again.