Red Devil of the Week: What is it?


Sanya Sawlani

New this school year, the Red Devil of the Week is a random drawing of students from each grade level and a faculty member on Fridays in the morning. The winners receive various prizes if they have spirit wear on.

Every Friday before the morning announcements a student from each grade and one faculty member is chosen as the “Red Devil of the Week”. While the five lucky chosen ones are filled with excitement, the rest of Red Devil Nation sits in our first period classes wondering how those select few were picked.

Most of us have wondered where this idea came from and why Ms. Phillip, the activities director, proposed the idea.  She says it is a way to replace the “Devilish Deeds” system from past years.

The winners are picked randomly with a number generator that pulls up a students ID from each grade and a faculty member’s name.

If the winner is wearing red or school spirit wear, he or she may see Ms. Phillip for a prize that includes a T-shirt, Chick-fil-A gift card, locker magnet, or bumper sticker.

Junior Charlie Gelman, a former winner, appreciated the gesture and said it made his day better.

“I was really tired that day and spacing out during the announcements when I randomly heard my name. I thought it was kind of weird. I then got a string of texts saying ‘Ahhhh! We are not worthy of your presence!’  It was funny and it made my day better and more energetic,” Gelman said.

Other members of the student body see the Red Devil of the Week program as a positive reinforcement. Tricia Fishbein, junior, hopes that one day she will be chosen.

“I think that it encourages everyone to wear red and white that normally wouldn’t. It also encourages people to come to football and basketball games because they see everyone wearing the school colors,” Fishbein said.

As for the future of Red Devil of the Week, Ms. Phillip hopes to continue with it next year and see it on a bigger scale.