Talking with the new school cop; Officer Lillie


Talia Sankari

Officer Lillie roams school halls.

Officer Lillie, a police officer since 2001, is the new school officer after Officer Keller retired earlier this month. In the last two weeks, Lillie has made his rounds to meet both faculty and students.

“[I want to] develop positive relationships with the students and the faculty within the school,”  Lillie said.

So far, Lillie says he loves his new position and how smooth the transition has been.

“Students and teachers have been very helpful, welcoming, and supportive; I can’t complain,” Lillie said.

Before coming to Central, Lillie was a member of the SWAT team for 10 years, responding to “major incidences” throughout the county. While on the SWAT team, Lillie dealt with many circumstances, including a hostage situation. Lillie cites that being a part of the SWAT team was a large time commitment which led to his decision to come to Central.

“Although no one can replace Officer Keller, Officer Lillie seems like the guy that is up for the job and ready to handle anything,” said Samantha Seymour, senior.

When asked if Lillie has ever broken a law himself, he admits that he was a “pretty inexperienced driver,” resulting in a few traffic violations.