As first quarter winds down, students and staff offer tips on staying calm


Samantha Moriarty

As the quarter comes to an end, students should remember that social workers and teachers are available to alleviate stress.

With less than a week left in the first quarter, students are working hard to raise their grades so they can enter the second half of the semester confidently. As many diligent students at Central know, with lots of A’s comes lots of stress.

Coming back from summer break can be hectic, and students allow first quarter to slip away. Before they know it, there is little time to save grades before finals. The quick return is tough, especially for those new to the school, like the freshmen. Whether a current freshman or former, everyone knows the transition to high school can be difficult one.

“Some teachers just aren’t as explanatory as they used to be, so it’s just kind of hard because they don’t really explain that much,” said Caroline Fryzel, freshman.

Overall, she says the switch hasn’t been too difficult, and going into next quarter she plans to manage her stress similar to how she did this quarter because of the success she was able to achieve.

First quarter isn’t just stressful for new members of the school. As students get older they often find themselves facing more difficult classes, workloads, and commitments to Central.

Marelena Halikias, sophomore, has been finding new ways to cope with the stress that comes with her course load this year. Although Halikias has been stressing about many of her classes this year, English 2 Honors and AP European History have been especially difficult for her.

“It’s an English Honors course, and obviously Advanced Placement History,” Halikias said. “The workload that comes with those two classes is definitely causing me to stress.”

Halikias is using her classes to find new ways to manage her stress and ease the workload. Her most important advice for other students is to do the work yourself because it will pay off.

“Don’t rely on classmates or someone else for answers… when it comes down to finals it’s only  you taking it,” Halikias said.

Before stressing about finals, it’s important to remember to focus on the end of the quarter, and use Central’s many different options for extra support, including teachers, guidance counselors, and social workers.

Ms. Maggie Buoy, a social worker, wants students to know the support that is there for them if needed.

“Stress about grades in general is… constantly on student’s minds… if you’re not happy with where you’re at, you still have plenty of time,” Ms. Buoy said.

Overall, staff members are aware of the stress students face at school, especially as the quarter winds down. They want students to know that help is always available. It is crucial to know that second quarter is a fresh start allowing students to refocus and gear up for finals as the end of the semester approaches.