Military options


courtesy of Wiki Commons

Some students debate if the military path is better for them than the traditional college one; for others, a military academy is a good middle ground.

Many students around the world and Central alike are joining the military as a substitute for a traditional college into career way of life; however, most would agree that college overshadows the military option. 

“The first thing that a lot of people would consider is the danger,” said Ms. Margaret Hilding, counselor.

While there is no real conflict going on at the moment, many people are still nervous at the thought of having to die for their country. Many people in the U.S. see this as an honorable sacrifice for the country, but the threat of losing one’s life becomes real depending on foreign policies and other events. When the conflict in Afghanistan happened, 2,386 U.S. soldiers lost their lives. Some people just are not ready to put their country above themselves.

Another reason people decide not to join the military is the economic disadvantage that comes with a majority of military jobs.

“They should overlook it in most cases, because the major benefits you receive require you to go to one of the advanced academies and enlist as an officer,” said Kevin Li, sophomore who is interested in the Air Force

The military is mostly full of low-paying jobs that later leads into advantages that you can turn into a career. Things like the G.I. Bill allow people who joined the military a great reward for serving the country later on in life.

Many students prefer the security of a high-paying job post college, to a low paying military career that offers free college, at the expense of the minimum four years spent in the military.

“At Central, people in general get caught up in the names of colleges, focusing on big name colleges. Joining the military is not as trendy at Central, which may be because many students’ parents followed a traditional path into college rather than a military career,” Ms. Hilding said.