Mother’s Day gift guide

Mothers Day is coming up on May 14. Check out this guide of gift ideas to help think of a present.

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Mother’s Day is coming up on May 14. Check out this guide of gift ideas to help think of a present.

Finding the perfect gift is always hard, but with Mother’s Day this weekend, Devil’s Advocate Online is here to help guide you towards a decent gift. No matter what your mom likes, from jewelry to beauty products, here are some recommendations of what to get her.




  1. Mama Bear Necklace

This necklace is unique in that it allows you to personalize it without a special order. You can choose from the number of cubs that are on the necklace after the Mama Bear, to resemble the number of kids in your family.

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The gold and silver Mama Bear Necklace allows you to choose up to 5 cubs.
  1. Shades of Blue Sea Glass Necklace

This simple sea glass necklace with different shades of blue is the perfect gift for your mom to enjoy on a sunny day at the beach.

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  1. Mother and Child Necklace

Show your appreciation through this necklace featuring a mother linking to her children as they hang beneath her.

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This necklace makes a meaningful gift as it shows the bond between a mother and child.


  1. Kay Diamonds in Rhythm Necklace

This diamond necklace with the carving of the word, “Mom,” in 10K rose gold is the perfect, elegant necklace to surprise your mom.

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This classy necklace steps up the game with a revolving diamond in the center and a touch of rose gold.



5. Ring Dish

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Help your mom organize her jewelry with this unique blue and gold ring dish.


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  1. Tea and Honey Tower

Quality honey and relaxing tea definitely make a great gift to help calm the body and mind.

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Soothe her mind with a refreshing cup of tea with a hint of honey.


3. Family Cookbook

Writing down your family recipes in a journal is an easy and personal gift at no cost. Just think of some of your favorite dishes and record them on paper for a personalized kitchen gift.


     4. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Mix up her water by infusing different fruits for a new flavor each day.

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Shake up some water in some fruit for a blast of flavors in this infusing water bottle.


5. Mason Jar Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Help your mom or grandma measure ingredients to your favorite dish using these cute ceramic measuring spoons.

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These mason jar ceramic measuring spoons are stylish, and they still get the job done.

Spa and Beauty:


  1. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

This little spa kit includes bath tea, bath truffle, whipped shea creme and lip balm. Allow her to relax through the hints of mint and lavender this set provides.

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  1. Solar System Bath Bombs Set

Help your mom fly away from reality with an out-of-this-world bath bomb set.

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Give her some “space” for herself with this solar system bath bomb set.


  1. Bliss Softening Socks

Soften a rough heel with these socks infused with jojoba oil, olive oil and Vitamin E.

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Help soften her toes and heels with this reviving pair of socks.


  1. Pomegranate and Raspberry Scrub

This deep-pore facial scrub will help refresh her face by exfoliating any dead skin cells.

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1. Personalized Phone Case

Customize a phone case with a monogram or signature with this stylish, clear case.

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Pick from a range of colors and font to customize a phone case for her special day.


2. Mother Picture Frame

Show your love through a picture inside a meaningful picture frame.

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Choose from multiple picture frames that show love to your mom while protecting a precious picture of both of you.


Last but not least, the best gift of all is your presence, so make sure to spend time with your mom on Sunday, May 14 and celebrate her special day. Have a great Mother’s Day!