Snow day shenanigans


Kabir Sawlani

At least a foot of snow fell during the second weekend of February, causing school to be canceled.

On Friday, Feb. 9, the school had its first snow day in three years. Along with many others throughout the Chicagoland area, students and faculty were given an entire day off. Whether it’s a snow day or a winter weekend, here are some fun activities that students enjoy partaking in.

The most popular thing to do is surely sledding. There are plenty of places in the area to go sledding, such as Prospect Park in Clarendon Hills and the hill at the Oak Brook Public Library. If one is seeking a thrilling adventure, Swallow Cliff Woods is worth a bit of a drive.

Kabir Sawlani
Prospect Park in Clarendon Hills is an easy hill to sled down.

“I had a great time this weekend sledding and shredding up some slopes up in Palos Hills,” said Hammad Siddiqui, junior. “Their slope was super steep.”

Another classic thing to do is call some friends over and have a snowball fight. All you need to do is call a few friends up, build a couple snow forts and then commence the fight.

Many parks also have an ice rink in the winter.

“My friend had a rink at his house, and we played hockey in his backyard,” said John Singer, junior.

If one is not seeking much action, building a snowman is a great idea and beloved by many. You’re never too old to reignite this great childhood pastime.

Simply shoveling your driveway is great if you are seeking productivity and want to get outside in the snow.

“My dad made me snow-blow my driveway, so I spent hours outside instead of doing something fun with my friends,” said Charlie Lyne, junior.

If one is not much into cold weather, a snow day spent in the warmth of your house is not too bad. Spending the day inside watching Netflix, reading a book, or even just sleeping are great activities to do on a snow day.

“I grabbed a root beer, went down to my basement and played Fortnite,” Singer said.

A day spent inside relaxing is not at all a bad thing after a long, stressful week of school.

“I rented the movie Gladiator for the fourth time,” Lyne said.

Whether it is another snow day or just any other winter day, any of this activities would be a great way to have fun with the cold weather.