Election season takes over


Michaela Malec

Students are running for positions such as advertising managers, vice president, treasurer, and more.

Brightly colored posters and flyers line the hallways and staircases. Throughout classrooms, students offer candy and pins in exchange for votes. It’s clear that it is election season.

On Wednesday, March 4 students will be able to support their peers and vote in class board elections for the 2018-2019 school year. Class board elections come just two weeks after executive board elections, in which all grades vote for next year’s school executive board. As opposed to executive board elections, however, in class board elections students may vote only for their grade.

“I’ve run before and lost, and other years, I’ve been too busy. Campaigning and representing the student body is something I’m really passionate about because I have a lot of pride for Central and would love to show that,” said Layo Adelakun, junior, who is running for treasurer. “Putting my name and personality out on the line is actually really fun, exciting, and refreshing, and I recommend it to everyone.”

Class board elections are popular year after year and offer students a chance to showcase why they should be voted into a leadership position within their grade.

“It is an excellent opportunity to learn leadership skills and get involved,” said Mrs. Phillip, activities director. “Class board members are instrumental in planning things for their grade level and helping with their prom all four years.” 

Michaela Malec
Students from all grade levels hung up posters throughout the school in order to gain votes.

Becoming more involved at school and within one’s grade is a common reason for running for a position on class board.

“We’re running because we want to be more active within the Class of 2020,” said Caroline Fryzel, sophomore, who is running for advertising manager with Caroline Booras. “We thought this would be a fun way to become leaders within our grade and work with other students who are really passionate about Central.”

Although advertising managers generally run as a pair, it is not required. This year, Natalie Spitzer, junior, is running alone. 

“I think what makes me different from the other candidates is that I am really passionate about advertising and the creative aspect of it,” Spitzer said. “I’m having a really fun time making my posters and stickers and everything for the campaign. It isn’t work for me; it’s something I enjoy doing.”

No matter what position one chooses to run for, all students are aware that campaigning is one of the most important parts of running for class board elections.

“I think the most successful campaign is when [students] are being honest and running a clean race, where they aren’t talking negatively about the other candidates and they are demonstrating good character,” Mrs. Phillip said.

Whether or not you or someone you know is running for a position on class board, the administrators say it is important to get involved in elections and vote.

“It is always important to vote in an election,” Mrs. Phillip said. “It is important for classmates to vote so they have the right person making plans for their grade level activities, fundraising and events.”

On Wednesday, March 4, all students will be sent an email with a link to vote for class board elections. Students can vote for who will be their grade’s next president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and advertising managers. Winners will be announced at the end of the day on Thursday, so stay tuned for the results.