Introducing the 2018 Homecoming Court


Marelena Halikias

The senior students vote for 13 senior girls and 13 senior boys to make up the Homecoming Court each year. The assembly to announce this year’s selection was held on Friday, Sept. 14.

This year, 26 seniors are a part of the Homecoming Court. The 13 candidates for king include Will DeDobbelaere, Michael Ryan, Tim Moser, Gavin Schwarz, Sean Kelly, Eric Miscimarra, Joey Sullivan, Tate Renner, Matt Ritz, Parker Bailey, Charlie Carter, Matt Lorenz, Thomas Williams. The 13 candidates for queen are Ambika Sharma, Caroline Lyman, Madison Charlier, Hannah Eichelman, Leah Stevens, Christina Aucoin, Gabby Costello, Lily Podracky, Greta Garber, McKenna Hayes, Sara Draddy, Anna Glowniak, and Abby Malcolm. Devils’ Advocate interviewed the candidates to learn more about their hobbies, interests, and why they are excited to be a part of this year’s Homecoming Court.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Sara Draddy: In my free time I love going on runs and just hanging out with my friends. Whether it’s watching a movie with them or going out to get food, I always have a good time with my friends.

Joey Sullivan: I like spending time with friends and playing the piano.

Thomas Williams: I like to hang out with my friends and watch sports.

Matt Lorenz: I like doing adventurous things with my friends, playing video games, and also I’m a big music guy.

Leah Stevens: I like to go to Potbelly, dive, and drive around with friends.

Anna Glowniak: I like to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, take pictures, or swim.

Eric Miscimarra: I like to socialize with my peers, freestyle ski, and skateboard.  

McKenna Hayes: I love to cook, travel, take pictures, spend time with friends, listen to country music, go to concerts, babysit, do yoga, explore the city, and shop.

Will DeDobbelaere: I like to hang out with friends, get food, or play sports.

Sean Kelly: I like to hang out with the football team and my friends. 

What was it like to be called down during the pep rally? How surprised were you?

Tim Moser: It was an awesome feeling and for sure a surprise. There’s only supposed to be 12 couples and I was the thirteenth person called so I thought I didn’t make it, but getting called was a big shock.

Gabby Costello: I was surprised because I asked my mom the night before if she got an email and she said no, so when I saw her there I thought she was there to watch me dance because the cheerleaders were in the pep rally. My mom lied, but it was a good lie.

Marelena Halikias
Will DeDobbelaere heads down to the gym floor following the announcement of his nomination.

Abby Malcolm: It was super shocking, and since so many girls ran for Homecoming Court, I thought that there was no way I would get called down. It was an amazing surprise, though.

Will DeDobbelaere: It was fun being called down at the assembly because I was able to whip in front of the school. I was surprised because I didn’t know if I was gonna make it or not, so it was surprising to hear my name called.

Ambika Sharma: It was amazing. I was just so happy and touched that people were so nice to vote for me and clap for me while I went down there. I know everyone on Court too so hugging them down there and getting pumped up with them was just the best feeling ever. I was surprised until five minutes before [being called down] when one of my friends told me that they saw my mom and then I put two and two together and I was just ecstatic.

Thomas Williams: I honestly was pretty surprised. I had no idea if I was going to be called down. I was probably more excited than surprised, though, because it was so fun to run down and get the sash and congratulate the people around me.

Matt Lorenz: Having three thousand pairs of eyes on you at once isn’t something I’m well versed in, so it was pretty crazy. It was also pretty tough keeping cool in the heat of the moment. I was definitely surprised when I heard them call my name though.

Leah Stevens: It was super exciting to be called down, I was super surprised and all of my friends around me started cheering, and my best friend Liz [Floersch] started crying because she was so pumped for me.

Eric Miscimarra: At the beginning of Friday’s assembly, I saw my mom in the audience, and I figured that I might be on Court because I know that they always secretly invite the parents. Despite that, I was still overjoyed when they called my name.

Michael Ryan: It was a really good feeling getting called down during the assembly, especially because the people I was sitting with got really hyped for me. Will [Dedobbelaere] told me he saw my mom at the assembly before it started, so I kind of thought the only reason she’d be there is because she knew I got on Court, which is why I wasn’t extremely surprised when my name got called.

Tate Renner: It was crazy, because I remember coming to that assembly while in middle school and an hour later telling my mom how I wanted to be “Homecoming King” .

What is the most exciting part of Homecoming week?

Tim Moser: For sure wearing the white suits for Friday and Saturday, but also prepping and coming up with ideas for the skit.

Gabby Costello: Definitely making the skits. I’m so excited to show ours because I think it’s going to be so funny and I can’t wait to watch all the other people. I am also so excited about cheer because the seniors made up our performance and we’ve been working so hard on it and I’m excited to see it come together.

Abby Malcolm: Definitely the Pep Rally at the end of Homecoming week. It has been one of my favorite days of the year for so long and now I get to be a part of it so I’m very excited.

Ambika Sharma: The most exciting part about Homecoming week for me is all the activities for sure. There’s Jambone, the Pep Rally, the soccer game, the parade. The week is jam packed with so many fun things so it keeps you constantly hyped for each day.

Joey Sullivan: I think the most exciting part will be the skits on Friday at the Pep Rally. I think that mine and Ambika’s skit will be a crowd pleaser.

Thomas Williams: The most exciting part of Homecoming week to me is the parade because a bunch of the clubs are represented and everyone’s in a great mood for the game and the dance later in the day. It’s a really cool way to start off the day and I’m glad that I get to be a part of it this year.

Anna Glowniak: I’m really excited to see the Homecoming skits all come together at the end of the week at the pep assembly.

Will DeDobbelaere: I’d say the most electric part of Homecoming week is the skits because they’re funny to watch. And this year I get to do my own so that’s fun too.

Matt Ritz: Everyone getting asked to Homecoming because it makes people’s day.

Michael Ryan: The most exciting part of Homecoming week to me would have to be all the festivities we are going to doing on homecoming day, like the parade, going to the football game, and dance.

What is your favorite dress day of this week? Why?

Tim Moser: My favorite dress day is PJ day, because you can’t beat the comfiness.

Parker Bailey: My favorite dress day is pajama day. It was simple and I was comfortable all day.

Lily Podracky: My favorite dress day this week was pajama day of course because I was able to roll out of bed ready to go.

Ambika Sharma: My favorite dress day this week is Marvel vs. DC as it embodies the theme and each couple is trying to match with their partner so it will be fun and cute to see everyone matching together.

Gabby Costello: Pajama day 100 percent my favorite. I literally rolled out of bed and went to school; it was amazing.

Greta Garber: My favorite dress day was pajama day because I just rolled out of bed and was comfortable all day.

Abby Malcolm: Pajama day for sure because I love to be comfy for school so it was perfect for me.

Michael Ryan:  My favorite dress day this week would probably have to be Thursday which is college t-shirt day, so I’ll rep my Illini basketball jersey. That’s real swag.

Tate Renner: Mine would have to be Friday because all of the boys wear their suits to school.

Matt Ritz: Friday because I’m excited to see all the spirit wear and to wear the white suit.

What types of activities at school are you involved in?

Lily Podracky: I am involved in Cheerleading, NHS, and Student Council.

Parker Bailey: I am class board treasurer, Varsity Lacrosse, Ambassadors, and NHS.

Matt Ritz: I’m involved in Student Council, [I’m the] social chair with Tate Renner. That’s my main thing this year since it’s taking up a lot of my time.

McKenna Hayes: I’m involved in NHS, Let’s Help Out, Brown bags of Hope, Yearbook, Photography Club, and Outdoor Adventure Club. Freshman year I did soccer and basketball, and sophomore year I did basketball.

Hannah Eichelman: I manage the Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team.

Greta Garber: I’m involved in Cheerleading, Track and Field, Student Council, Breaking Down the Walls, and NHS.

Sean Kelly: Football team and DAWGS Club.

Gavin Schwarz: I’m a part of Boys’ Soccer, Boys’ Volleyball, JKB, Habitat for Humanity, NHS, and I’m the Advertising Manager of the Senior Class Board.

When you were a freshman, did you ever see yourself being on Homecoming Court?

McKenna Hayes: As a freshman I never knew what “Homecoming Court” was. I remember on the pep assembly day I heard a bunch of names that I didn’t know, because I was a freshman. Then the next Friday rolled around and I saw them perform their skits and I watched with awe thinking how cool it was that my school is able to do something like this. I don’t think as a freshman I saw myself being on court, I didn’t know many people and I thought I would be afraid of everyone and the stage.

Parker Bailey: I didn’t think I would be on Court as a freshman. It seemed far away at the time.

Hannah Eichelman: I always knew that I wanted to run for Homecoming Court, but I never knew if I would make it or not.

Greta Garber: Definitely not, but I always thought it would be so cool to be on it.

Sara Draddy: When I was a freshman, I never really thought about being on Court, but I did know some of the people on Court and I knew I wanted to grow up to be like them because they were such good role models and I looked up to them.

Sean Kelly: I was never fully sure if I wanted to do it or not. But I always thought it looked pretty fun.

Gavin Schwarz: No, I had no idea. I thought [the skits] were funny but I never imagined myself being up in front of the whole school like that.  

Matt Lorenz: Not a chance. I’m a super reserved person most of the time so up until maybe the second semester of last year, it had been completely unfathomable to me, but here we are I guess.

Leah Stevens: I always thought it would be so fun to be on it. My partner, Eric, and I made a deal that if we were both on Court we would be partners.

Eric Miscimarra: Yes. I’ve wanted to be on it ever since my brother was on it in 2016. At the time, I made a pact with Leah Stevens that if we were to both be on Court, we would be partners. Now three years later, we finally did it.

Congratulations to all the members of the Homecoming Court!