There’s a sticker for that


Marelena Halikias

Many students and faculty showcase their likes and personalities through the use of stickers on computers.

A Michael Scott quote, food, and dogs all on the same background. You may notice these collages on your friend’s Chromebook or sometimes even on teachers’ computers; you might also see them plastered to reusable water bottles. Stickers have taken over as a statement pieces and continue to trend throughout the building. 

With the new policy this year of providing computers to all students, many have taken the opportunity to showcase their personalities and passions for all to see. 

Ms. Lopez
Water bottles serve as statements for students throughout the day.

Stickers can range from a wide variety. There are words that inspire others, or there are memes. In between there is nature, animals, quotes, places traveled, and TV shows.

“The stickers I chose represented something I either find funny or comforting in life,” said Maddie Bokich, senior.

Any sticker imaginable can be found online. Stickers chosen are usually what the individual likes to look at or read over and over again. The majority of stickers represent the personality of the person. The interests that the user has is also a priority on the computers or water bottles.

“My stickers definitely describe my personality being that I have bright colored stickers and ones with funny jokes on them,” said Alex Frioland, junior. “I also have stickers from Young Life and my Central devil horns of course.”

The school also offers stickers for students too. For example, the school provided stickers in the shape of a heart for the school-wide program Just1Mike Foundation. “The Heart of Hinsdale Central” stickers raise awareness for the foundation’s cause to do research on sudden cardiac arrest in teenagers. 

Ms. Lopez
While many bottles become full of stickers, other students like to showcase just a few to make them stand out more.

For students who go beyond what the school provides, popular websites to purchase stickers include RedBubble. 

“My favorite sticker says ‘less upsetti, more spaghetti’. Pasta is my absolute favorite food,” Bokich said.

Each sticker represents something in her life that she likes. When pulling out computers in almost every class it gives her something to laugh about in school.

As for trying to decide what kind of stickers to get it depends of preference. Some like a jumble while others like a theme.

“For my school computer I have a theme of outdoors and greens and blues where as my personal computer consists of my favorite things,” Frioland said.

Both Bokich and Frioland said they get all of their stickers from RedBubble, but other sites include CafePress, Etsy, and of course Amazon for anyone wanting to add to their collection or join the trend. 

Ms. Lopez
Stickers include quotes from favorite television shows, sports logos and artwork.