Setting new goals for the new year


Masah Mourad

A common New Year’s resolution for students is to improve their health and workout more.

New Year’s resolutions are a common topic to be talked about, right before and after the New Year comes around. Many people have goals to better themselves, improve something they’re not the best at, lose weight or other personal goals.

“Some of my New Year’s resolutions are to break five minutes in the mile and to break six feet in the high jump. The way I would try to achieve these goals is to practice every day during my track and cross country season, trying to go harder and push myself further as the days go on,” said Julio Martinez, junior.

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Many people tend to pick working out as their resolution because they want to get in better shape as the year goes by. Teenagers are at an age where they’re still growing and diet is a really important thing that teens have to focus on and take care of. Other common goals for the New Year is to save more and spend less money on unnecessary things.

“My goals were to eat healthier and become more active, along with study harder and try not to procrastinate. I try to set goals at the beginning of the year and work to achieve them through small steps,” said Enaya Kan, senior.

Some people, however, disagree and believe that New Year’s resolutions are almost pointless because nobody sticks to their goals. People tend to set multiple goals for themselves at the beginning of the year, but slowly start giving up as the rest of the year goes by.

“I guess I would believe in them if I actually stuck to a resolution. Mine are usually to go work out and to get good grades, and I try to put effort into those subjects, just not as much as I would like to. I don’t really fulfill my goals, but I persist and do the best I can,” said Eman Khan, sophomore.

There are many different opinions on whether people like New Year’s resolutions or not. Every person has a different mindset, so while resolutions work for some, others might struggle with personal resolutions and prefer to start their goals anytime during the year.