Students ponder whether playing multiple sports is worth the added stress


Courtesy of Jack Huber

Many students choose to play multiple sports and to manage a heavy class load.

It is reported that high school athletes have to deal with a lot of stress when playing their sport and attending classes. However, some argue that multi-sport athletes could experience less stress than other students.
Central students tend to partake in several activities, many of them being sports. While some choose to focus on one sport, others prefer to participate in multiple throughout the school year, but add that it can add more to their plate. 
“I stopped playing because it’s really hard to to play two sports and be good at both of them and love both of them…it was just a lot,” said Jake Quast, sophomore, who plays basketball. “I would say the hardest part was just keeping everyone satisfied.”
Different students have found the task of playing multiple sports more manageable. Owen Jansen, junior, plays football and lacrosse for the Red Devils and has been since freshman year.
“It makes you a better person and a better athlete,” said Jansen, when asked what’s beneficial about playing multiple sports.
Some said they feel that playing multiple sports is actually very beneficial. Coach Thomas Ludovice coaches freshman
football along with teaching in the science department, and says multiple sports can be helpful to athletes. 
“You need to change, you need to have the ability to change and improve…change is a part of life and I think kids can see that more in a sport rather than in a classroom,” Ludovice said. “I think at least 7 out of 10 athletes actually do better and are more focused on their schoolwork when they are in a sport.”
While no clear verdict has been determined whether playing multiple sports is causing more stress or not, there has and will continue to be arguments for both sides.