Benefits of arriving early to school

Many students at school have already acclimated to the system of arriving at school early, and for good reasons; according to those who come early, it gives them time to get homework done, to study, and to grab breakfast. 

Getting your homework and studying done after school is a given for most students. But that structure is easily interrupted by after school clubs, sports, and any activities related to family or friends.

According to students who choose the early route, arriving before everyone else does gives them the atmosphere to get all of their homework done, given the amount of work they have. Another benefit is the fact that the cafeteria provides breakfast every day for the early birds.

Getting homework in all of your classes really does turn into a problem, ad no free time is left once you’ve finished all of it. Students describe it as a stress reliever and a good way to allow for more time to enjoy themselves after school.

“It’s always been a system of mine,” said Ben Brejie, sophomore. “Ever since I got into the routine of arriving at 7 a.m., I’ve been able to relax after school instead of worrying about homework.”

Study time is said to be another benefit of arriving early, with many students expressing how quiet it is, and the added benefit of peers who can help. 

“There’s tons of other students there to help me if it ever becomes a problem,” said Doug Ambrozas, sophomore. 

Some students also said that even after hours of studying, sleeping can easily disrupt what they have memorized.

“After I finish studying at night, I might forget some of the information, so in the morning I’m able to refresh my memory,” said JT Black, sophomore. 

Early risers recommend arriving at 7 a.m. to take advantage of the breakfast options, which include: sandwiches, donuts, and muffins.