Varsity club plans for upcoming events after Homecoming, promoting year-long school spirit


photo provided by Maurice Tobiano

Seniors Maurice Tobiano and Grant Zhang participated in the homecoming parade on Oct. 2.

Varsity club is recognized for hosting and planning large school events, such as homecoming, and continue working on events throughout the school year. 

Varsity club’s planning of school events doesn’t end abruptly after homecoming. With meetings every Thursday, the club is able to gather and discuss ways they can make the school a fun and welcoming place. Club co-president, Maurice Tobiano mentions that the dynamics this year have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that the club tried its best to create the best outcome for homecoming possible. 

“We had a lot of change happening, including a change in the homecoming court. So at the beginning of the year, a lot of our focus was on reforming the court and trying to make it more inclusive for other students,” Tobiano said. 

The promotion of inclusivity and school spirit was a push this year given the time to reflect on the process the pandemic afforded. 

The lesson I have learned also is that maybe seniors should not be the only leaders of clubs because younger kids are not tainted and they’re more enthusiastic,” said Stephanie Hiffman, English teacher and club co-sponsor. “[The younger students] are more likely to have brought a fresh perspective.”

In regards to homecoming court, the voting was left exclusive for seniors, but this does not mean that the rest of the student body was not included during the process. 

“[Homecoming week] made me pumped up for the dance…showing your school pride isn’t something you should be embarrassed about,” said club member, Elena Koulouris,  sophomore. 

The varsity club’s involvement also goes beyond planning decorations, and school events like homecoming. Hiffman mentioned how the club also works with HCS Family Services, to do a food drive.

This upcoming Halloween, the varsity club will be raising money for local children and families in need. Hiffman also said the club will take part in a gift drive that anyone at Hinsdale Central can participate in.

Tobiano also hinted at an upcoming event on February 2, 2022. 

“We have a really big thing planned for Tuesday. So 2,22,22. [Everyone] should look out for that. I’m so excited. I’ve been planning Tuesday for [a long time],” Tobiano said. 

While an event months in advance excites the members, the effort for creating school spirit is a non-stop battle for the varsity club. Jill Tylk, English teacher and club co-sponsor said that it’s pivotal to get as many students involved with the planning to improve school spirit. 

When you’re excited about something your peers are excited about something that makes you excited,” Tylk said. “I think that needs to come from the school leadership.” 

With homecoming in the bag and future events being planned, the students of Hinsdale Central have many school-spirit-related events to look forward to. 

More information about the varsity club can be found on their Instagram page @hc.varsityclub where they discuss current plans, plan out school spirit days, and give sneak peeks to upcoming events.