Sharfaei’s shop

Senior Armond Sharfaei has a passion for mechanical work. Over the past several years, Sharfaei has been modifying his 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in his garage at home.

Sharfaei installs the mods himself and has become an extremely proficient mechanic. He has fit the Jeep with many luxuries ranging from four massive 37” off-road tires to custom black-and-orange rope interior car handles. The unique appearance of the jeep continues on the inside. Sharfaei has hand-painted numerous surfaces on his dashboard and has installed a custom sound system featuring a 12” Alpine Type-R ported box subwoofer in his trunk.

All in all, his modifications have totaled around $18 thousand in expenses – a price offset by the current value of the car, which is around $60 thousand.