Former long-term sub joins Hinsdale Central staff


Areil Diaz is a name some would recognize from the long-term substitute job she had at Hinsdale Central at the end of last year. She was subbing for Sra. Jennifer Dalrymple, who was out on maternity leave. Now Diaz is looking forward to beginning her teaching job at Central, which will include teaching Spanish 2 and Spanish 4 Honors.

“I’m very excited. The students are great and the staff is very supportive,” said Diaz. But for her, teaching reaches further than the classroom. “I want to be involved in both the school and the community, and really reach out to students,” said Diaz. She is also excited about getting involved in the school’s clubs, and is particularly interested in Character Counts and Read to Lead.

Teaching Spanish is an obvious choice for Diaz, simply because of her background. Although she was born and raised in Franklin Park and still lives there today, Diaz said, “My parents were born in Mexico. We visited there every year, so I love the culture and the language.” These are only some of the reasons she chose to teach. “I love working with kids and being a role model for them,” said Diaz. “My goal is to have my students speaking only Spanish in class all year.”

This is not Diaz’s first teaching job. She has also taught for two years at Glenbard West and did some long-term subbing at Wheaton-Warrenville South.  At Glenbard West, Diaz taught everything from Spanish for Native Speakers to Spanish 6 AP. “My first year was a challenge, but I always learn a lot,” said Diaz.

Diaz is also thinking about becoming even more qualified. She said, “I’m thinking of going back to college and get my masters at UIC this spring. I just love knowing I’m making a difference,” said Diaz.