New science teacher comes to Central from Maui


Michael Jazak, a new teacher to Hinsdale Central High School, comes all the way from Maui, Hawaii.  Jazak has been a teacher for nine years in a variety of schools, teaching at McHenry High School in Maui for three years as a biology, chemistry, and driver’s ed teacher.  Outside of the classroom, he also enjoys coaching basketball and soccer.

Jazak has moved several times before and says that he is “brand new to the area.” This year, Jazak will be teaching in the science department as a Biology G Level and chemistry teacher.

Jazak originally moved to Maui because he “went on vacation and fell in love with [the area].”  Not only did he adore the tropical atmosphere, but his girlfriend (now wife) lived there.  For his first job he taught at a school called King Kekaulike.  While teaching there, he noticed a different environment than he’d expected.  “School wasn’t important to them, meaning the students had no interest in getting a good education,” said Jazak.  He feels that students at Hinsdale Central differ greatly from those he used to teach before. “I like kids that are motivated to do well in school,” said Jazak.

“My goals this year are to meet a lot of people, have a lot of fun in classes, meet new staff  and teachers, and become part of the community,” said Jazak.  Jazak also has some advice for his new students.  He says they should “really stay organized and not be afraid to ask for help.”  He believes that these things will help the year to go more smoothly.

Jazak hopes to establish a positive relationship between his students and himself. “I want to get to know them as people who will I be working with.  A teacher needs to understand the kids, but the students also need to understand the teacher,” said Jazak.

“I wanted to be a teacher because I truly wanted to be involved with kids, and that’s challenging,” said Jazak, “But everyday is a new experience.”