DelGiudice begins dream job


After growing up in the western suburbs of Chicago, Ms. Amanda DelGiudice has returned to her home turf to teach physical education and health at Hinsdale Central. DelGiudice just completed a substituting job at Palatine High School and Brown Lake Elementary, and she’s thrilled to begin her first full-time teaching position.


“The staff, the building, the help—it’s all just wonderful here,” said DelGiudice. DelGiudice completed Central’s new-teacher mentoring program with assistance from administrators, faculty, and other physical-education teachers. Ms. Fawn Kravets, a freshman physical-education teacher, has played a pivotal role in DelGiudice’s training. “The mentors have spent time meeting and even having lunch with us. The program is a nice mix of new and old teachers,” said DelGiudice.


DelGiudice is impressed with Central’s school spirit and academic prowess and wants to immerse herself in the school, and she doesn’t intend on waiting; she is already coaching cheerleading. But she doesn’t want her contribution to end there. “I really just want to be an active member.  I don’t want to just be a teacher; I also want to be involved with out-of-school activities,” said DelGiudice.


Knowing that Central is such an elite academic school, DelGiudice believes that physical education is particularly beneficial here. She feels gym class is the best substitute for recess, which students start losing at young ages. She references scientific findings to support her claims. “There’s definitely a correlation between brain activity and physical activity. It’s so important to incorporate that into students’ educations,” said DelGiudice.


DelGiudice’s motivation for becoming a physical-education teacher displayed itself early in her life. “I realized a passion for teaching and a passion for physical and health education long ago,” said DelGiudice . After working with a diverse population of students at her past two jobs, DelGiuidice has witnessed the significance of establishing strong, immediate bonds with students. DelGiudice says, “I want to see a student at a water-polo game and to be able to connect with him or her.” Her love of physical education will be instantly evident in her aerobics class, as DelGiudice intends on beginning the year with activities that will allow her students to build confidence.


“Everyone wants to work here. I’m honored to have a job at such a prestigious school.”