Former Obama campaign worker assumes Assistant Principal role

Hinsdale Central recently gave the title of Assistant Principal to Mr. John Bruesch.  Bruesch, who started on July 1, will continue during the school year.  Before teaching social studies at Downers Grove South and subsequently serving as department chair, Bruesch did not teach, but served as a campaign manager during the time of President Obama’s election.


“I ran a regional campaign for the president and then worked as a special assistant to the governor in Michigan for about two years,” said Bruesch.


Working in the political atmosphere aided Bruesch in education by teaching him certain valuable skills.  “[Politics] helps me manage multiple tasks, but also see perspective on various issues,” said Bruesch.


Bruesch also emphasized that spending the past eight years at Downers Grove also greatly helped him due to the similarity in school size.  However, he noted some distinct differences in the school that attracted him to the idea of taking on his current position at Central.  “One of the things that I noticed at Central is that the expectations that students, teachers, faculty, and parents have are really high.”


“Even though their expectations are high, people are there to help when you need them and also there to help you help others, and that’s what I think makes this place so special,” Bruesch said. “Who wouldn’t want to work in that environment?”


Although he might not know everyone just yet, Bruesch is excited to further Central’s goals.  “I’m just here to continue this tradition of excellence and work with really fine people.  I feel really lucky to be in a great environment where I get to learn so much from such high quality students and faculty.”