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Investment Club looks to the future


Investment Club is beginning its second year with expansion, both in its finances and in its membership. The club, which was founded three years ago by two juniors, is looking to a new financial policy as a cornerstone of this year’s club.

“Previously, the maximum allowed investment that a student could make was $250. This year, we have doubled the limit to $500,” said Sean Catalano, senior and CFO of the club.

However, this new policy is not expected to undermine to equality of stock picking in the club. The bylaws of the club do not allow for large investors to dominate the finances of the club, said Steven Yeh, senior and Co-CEO.

“The first $15 invested earns the member twelve votes for stock picking. However, each additional vote costs an additional fifteen dollars,” Yeh said. “This allows even small investors to have real control over where the club chooses to invest.”

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Catalano embraces this philosophy, especially from a financial perspective. “Some of my best trades are made interacting with other people,” Catalano said. “For example, one of our major investments last year was Indian Oil Corporation. I had never heard of it, but it ended up yielding an amazing 15 percent over four months.”

Investment Club has a troubled past with the school board, which initially opposed the idea of minors working with real money. However, Robert Scales, senior and Co-CEO, believes those troubles are well behind them.

“We had to meet twice with the school board, and we ended up creating a nine page legal agreement that every member must sign. Though the administration was initially against the idea, Investment Club has become a resounding success,” Scales said.

All three leaders promise a strong future for Investment Club but say there is more work to be done in gender diversification. “We certainly have a strong student membership, with about 50 members. However, we would like to have some more female members, since there is somewhat of a gender imbalance,” Scales said. The club is still accepting new members, and it encourages students to join.

“It’s a great club, especially for those new to the stock market,” Catalano said. “We’re here to make money and learn at the same time.”

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