Computer Club thinks about gaming for fundraising

Central’s Computer Club is looking to start this year off with a competitive gaming league to raise money.

According to Steve Wilson, the sponsor of computer club and a math teacher here at Central, Computer Club is always looking for creative ways to raise some money to fund various activities throughout the year.

“We really haven’t figured out a way to raise funds for club activities like our Christmas party, but this gaming league would be a start,” Wilson said.

A student-driven idea, the competitive gaming league would require a small fee to join and include prizes for the winners. Gaming tournaments and teams would be set up where students could compete against one other on the computer.

“From the beginning, I told the members of the club that I’d be there to help with any fundraising ideas that could think of, but it’s almost all on them,” Wilson said.  Wilson explained that past fundraising events led by computer club have all been completely student-driven.

Computer Club is a free-form club and its members are interested in a wide variety of activities such as programming, net-surfing, and gaming. The money raised by this possible gaming league would allow the club to expand its resources and activity possibilities.

“With any money we could raise, we would like to invest in hardware and software to experiment,” Wilson said. “However, I think the gaming league is of growing interest no matter how much we would be able to raise for the club.”