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Links Club adds tutoring to available programs

The Links Club works with Peer Jury helping to ensure that offenders make their offences one-time-only acts. Their new tutoring program will work to supplement the work they do with those struggling to meet the requirements of Peer Jury.

The club originated when Rebecca Lewis and Meredith Christian, seniors, noticed that some students involved in Peer Jury weren’t progressing at the desired rate. They felt that some outside assistance might help these struggling youths to overcome their problems and to acclimate themselves to their school and community. So Lewis and Christian worked to involve Central students in Peer Jury through the creation of the Links Club.

“For the most part, the kids who go through Peer Jury are right where they need to be and require no additional assistance,” said Christian. “However, there are a few kids that come through the program who would benefit from an extended relationship with a responsible peer.”

This is where the Links Club enters the picture. It encourages troubled youths through various program and activities by showing them the virtues of healthy friendships and relationships for battling through problems. Just a little assistance can mend Peer Jury participants’ misdoings and catalyze feelings of remorse for their actions.

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“Both offenders and their parents have been very optimistic about how we can help, so we are, too,” Lewis said.

Lewis and Christian have been impressed by the receptiveness of other Central students, feeling that the program is most successful when school-student and community-student bonds can be fostered. These are essential for improving behavior and helping offenders learn from their mistakes.

“All the students involved are extremely committed to the program and dedicated to helping their peers in any way they can,” Christian said.

Christian and Lewis are currently evaluating applicants for the 2011-12 school year and are grateful for the students’ desires to participate in the organization. “Depending on the growth of the club and the number of kids referred, we may be expanding again throughout this year,” Christian said.

As the Links Club expands, the members will continue to raise awareness of issues that seem foreign to many people. They want offenders to see the importance of correcting their behavior, and they want the community and school to assist them in doing this. Fundraisers and other publicity methods will continue to promote the accomplishments of the program. By focusing individual attention on one offender at a time, the club will continue to make a difference in the lives of many young adults.

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