SADD kicks off for the year

“SADD Meeting Today @ 7:15am in Room 12”. Every Friday morning the walls seem to be plastered with posters inviting students to attend the SADD meeting. But what exactly is SADD?

SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. “It originally stood for Students Against Drunk Driving,” said Officer Keller, SADD sponsor. But as texting while driving became a more and more common problem in the U.S., the student-led organization expanded its mission to prevent different kinds of distractions while behind the wheel.

A big goal SADD has for this year is trying to increase awareness about the dangers of driving while distracted and trying to make people take the decisions they make more seriously.

“People don’t always realize the impact that the choices they make can have,” Keller said. One of the biggest ways the club tries to get people’s attention is with their annual mock car crash, usually done around prom. Students volunteer to reenact a car crash with police, EMS, rescue trucks and the fire department arriving on the scene as well, just a if it were a real car crash. “Some students don’t take it seriously at first, but when the helicopter comes it tends to get their attention,” Keller said.

More so than anything else, SADD is about students influencing their peers to make the right decisions. The club has just elected its 2011-2012 Board of Executives to lead this initiative. The president is Geanna Napolitano, the VP is Kamile Kevliciute, the secretary is Ali Meland, the treasurer is Samir Vahora, and the Social Chairs are Alejandra Garcia-Lavelli and Caroline Henshaw. “The board is in charge of running our meetings, keeping records of the meetings, keeping track of our funds and planning fundraisers along with deciding who/what we spend the money on,” Keller said.

The mock car crash is still a few months away, but until then SADD has various other events planned. Coming up soon is their annual coat drive. They will also be running the DARE Lock-In for all 5th grade DARE students. In the meantime, SADD welcomes all who would like to attend a meeting to see what the club is about.