Central pommers fund-raise through what they know best

Hinsdale Central’s varsity and jvpoms teams fund-raise for new poms, uniforms and summer camps through the Junior Pommers program. Local girls in grades kindergarten to fourth grade register to be coached by Central pommers for a few performances throughout the year.

Sophomore Georgie Sadler works on the program as a coach. “There are five student coaches. Me, Katherine Doyle, Rachel Krauss, Christine Ellis, and Anneliese Musil. Jv and varsity pommers also help out during practices and games, since there are 100 girls and only five of us student coaches,” Sadler said.

Young girls in the community continue to get more involved. Sadler said, “Through the past few years, the number of girls has increased significantly.”

Junior pommers work hard for their performances at sporting events throughout the school year. “In the summer, there is a day clinic where the girls come and learn skills and the dance that they will perform throughout the year,” Sadler said. “They typically perform three times during the season. Once at a football game, once during soccer, and once at a basketball game.”

Selecting the student coaches is a large task, which takes place during the Junior Pommers’ season. Sadler explains the process. “Any varsity or jv pommer who is interested in becoming a Junior Pommer coach writes an essay based on her experience, her desire to be a coach, and the leadership qualities that she feels she can bring to the program.” After this, the director of the program, Coach Micaela Fisher, gets the task of choosing the coaches.