Student Council develops ambitious 2011-12 agenda

The 2011-12 Student Council Executive Board has made it a priority to increase student involvement. It believes that amplifying student engagement will lead to more school passion and spirit. In order to accomplish this, the student council has planned a variety of upcoming events, including a Halloween activity and Volley for the Cure. “We hope to have many activities within the school this year,” said Bobby Buddig, student-body president.

For the Halloween activity, Student Council is discussing a haunted-house-themed event. Before Halloween, they will be working with the volleyball team to host Volley for the Cure. “Support the cause by wearing pink. Yes, guys, real men do wear pink,” Buddig said. The event has been an immense success in the past, and the student council intends on making it even more enjoyable this year.

These upcoming events are an integral component of the Student Council’s 2011-12 school theme: “Let’s get it started.” The theme was developed as a way to mobilize the student body around the common goal of enhancing school spirit and pride. “With this theme, we wanted to get the school year off with a great atmosphere,” Buddig said.

Earlier this year, Student Council members attended a leadership conference to learn more about increasing school spirit and improving communication between student-council members and the student body. The leadership conference helped the student council plan the first school-wide assembly of the year, which Buddig said was a lot of work, but he believes they succeeded.

Student Council’s increased involvement has already manifested itself this year. Recently, they conducted the Class of 2015 senate and class-board elections. “The [elections] went well, and the future looks bright for the class of 2015,” Buddig said. Furthermore, the student council coordinated and organized Homecoming week, which Buddig said was one of the most successful Central has seen in recent years.

The current board prides itself on accessibility and accountability to the entire student body. This year, they want to improve relationships between students and their representatives. As Buddig said, “If you have anything on your mind, don’t hesitate to talk to me. I am here to represent you and to help you in any way, shape, or form.”