Varsity Club changes Turnabout to Winter Formal

This year, Varsity Club has decided change the February dance known as Turnabout to Winter Formal.

In past years, Turnabout has been an event in which girls ask boys to the dance. Varsity Club, which plans Homecoming, Winter Formal, dress-up days and Clubs That Care, has decided to switch up this tradition.

“We made the decision to change it because a lot of guys weren’t going to turnabout if they didn’t get asked, and a lot of girls didn’t want to ask anyone,” said Claire Walker, Varsity Club president.

This year, girls can ask guys and guys can ask girls. The club hopes this will increase the attendance at the dance.  “This way there’s no pressure to have a date or to ask someone. Guys and girls can ask someone if they want to, and hopefully no one will let not having a date stop them from going,” Walker said.

Although it is fun, planning dances is no easy task for the club. They begin planning and preparing months in advance.  “It takes participation from our entire club to sell tickets and t-shirts at lunches and to decorate for the dance,” Walker said.

Varsity Club has already begun planning Winter Formal.  “Planning events is tough sometimes because it’s hard to predict what people will like, and to make things fun while still making sure that nothing will go wrong,” Walker said.

The club is working hard to come up with a new theme for Winter Formal that everyone will like.  “We haven’t officially decided, but there’s a good chance that it will be a black light or neon theme,” Walker said.