Microcredit Club adopts new logo and name


Microcredit Club is beginning the school year with a brand new name, logo, and vision for the future. Now known as “Kembali,” the club is looking to re-establish their desire to give back to the third world communities of the world.

“Kembali means ‘to give back’ in Swahili. We feel that it really epitomizes what we’re trying to do. We’ve been so fortunate in our country that we want to enable those in other nations to have similar success,” said co-president Robert Scales.

Since its inception, the club has worked with organizations around the world to give small loans to entrepreneurs in developing counties. The funds for the loans are possible because of the money collected from the club’s annual Ping-Pong tournament, and they are distributed to investors at each meeting.

“We usually try to help two to three entrepreneurs each meeting. We connect with ‘field partners’ in organizations like Kiva and Oportunity International who help us ensure that the funds are being used by people who truly need it and can pay the loans back,” Scales said.

Kembali has a new logo, which is another component of Microcredit Club’s new look. But, according to Scales, the club has not strayed from its original goal.

“Above all, ‘Kembali’ represents the spirit of the club. It speaks to our real effort to give back to the world and truly embodies the vision that we have for the next few years. The club really wants to make a difference,” Scales said.