Business Department creates new honors options

Starting this year, the Business Department will offer an honors option within certain classes in business.

According to Mr. Mike Ivancich, Business Department chair, the new honors option courses are Business Law I and the internship course, alongside the already existing Accounting Honors course. The classes are taught by both Ivancich and Mrs. Jennifer Jaczak. Ivancich said the students within those classes have a more rigorous curriculum and more depth of work.

“There was a brief application that they had to fill out to demonstrate that they were self motivated enough and interested enough in the course to take on the depth of the coursework that they would be involved in,” Ivancich said, noting that the honors credit is an option, and not a requirement.  The department also reviews the student’s GPA and motivation in past courses.

While Accounting Honors is a full year class, Business Law I is only semester long.  “The internship course is actually an 11th hour course because they don’t meet every day,” Ivancich said.

Ivancich says that the decision to change to an honors option was made by all department chairs spanning from all electives.  “The change was to level the playing field across all electives but more importantly to provide opportunities for students who excelled or had a passion in the areas,” he said. “It provided a challenge for students.”

Other elective areas are considering changing options for more classes as well. “We hope to provide more options in the future,” Ivancich said.