Spectrum root beer float sale has high hopes


On Monday, Oct. 17 Spectrum Club ran its second annual root beer float sale. Spectrum is a club that supports kids with autism, and works to bring about awareness through the school.

“We wanted to have this root beer float sale to help spread awareness about our cause and raise money for autism awareness,” said Senior Gemma Groch, the president of Spectrum.
 According to Groch, the club got the idea as they were trying to think of an original summertime treat. However, this year, the date was postponed. “Last year we raised about $200. We hope that we exceed this this year,” Groch said.
Spectrum tries to hold an event every month, including a Halloween outing to a pumpkin patch and participates in the autism walk later this year.

Meetings are every other Monday, and information on other events sponsored by Spectrum can be seen on the bulletin board in the Special Education hallway.