Science Olympiad team prepares for new season

The Science Olympiad team has started preparing for the upcoming season with a new team and high expectations. This team of 60 members strives for excellence as they study science and support each other as a team.

The Science Olympiad team is led by captains and a president that guide the jv and varsity teams. Stephanie Wey, senior, said, “This year we are trying to focus on bonding between the varsity and jv teams, because in the past the jv has been left behind a bit.” Wey is the captain of biology for the team.

In the past, the team has done very well. “We have made it to State for as long as I can remember,” Wey said. The team is aiming again to get to State and even move on to Nationals this year. However, they have personal goals as well. “We want every member of the team to place at least once in a meet,” Wey said.

The team recently took tests to measure how much they know and what event would be best suited for them. From there, they will start to prepare for the meets that start in December. Team members are expected to do some individual study as part of the team. “This is a very liberal club. Captains serve as guides, so we won’t do all the work, but we make sure members don’t get lost,” Wey said.

During practices, the students in different events prepare in different ways. Wey said, “Biology focuses on tests, so during practice we do practice tests so members get a feeling of the time and pressure during a meet. The people in chemistry run through chemical reactions so they are familiar with them and the builders build contraptions until they find the most optimal structures.”

Although the team lost some seniors last year, they have a very strong varsity team this year, and are off to a great start. Wey said, “Science Olympiad is a very competitive team, but it’s also a big family. We grow really close to each other, and there’s really nothing like it.”