Youth and Government prepares controversial bills

Youth and Government is beginning the year with new ideas for legislative bills that will be considered in an annual mock legislature. One such bill being proposed by four seniors is looking to stir up controversy.“The bill that we’re putting forward this year is actually about legalizing brothels. We really wanted to have a memorable bill that would make for an interesting discussion,” said group member Alex Borchardt.

Since the beginning of the year, club members have been working on writing bills and researching issues. However, the first Youth and Government meet is Nov. 4, and group members are preparing.

“We know the we have a controversial bill, so we’ve made the idea as safe as possible. We’ve put in regulations that will require a doctor’s note, taxes, and other things that will prevent the spread of things like STDs. We’re also arguing that taxing the brothels can help the economy. I don’t know that it will pass, but the important part is creating the discussion,” Borchardt said.

As the year progresses, the members will work to pass their bill in the annual mock legislature. But for Borchardt, the importance of Youth and Government does not come from the individual bill ideas. Borchardt said, “Youth and Government is really about teenagers getting experience in activism. To change anything, you really have to understand the law and consequences behind your ideas, and that’s what Youth and Government trains you to do. It’s great.”