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Habitat for Humanity takes another trip to West Virginia


This summer Habitat for Humanity took a trip to West Virginia to help build a house for a family in need.

Last year Habitat for Humanity raised $42,000 to sponsor its trip. This year’s trip took place in Pendleton County, and the group of about 42 students and 12 teachers built a house in four and a half days.  Each day consisted of eating with the group, working six hours with professional workers and students, and spending the evening playing sports and having a bonfire.  “It’s almost like camp. There are no televiousns or anything, so you really rely on some games to have a good time,” said John Stathopoulos, a senior who went on the trip.

The students and teachers focused on building the outside of the house and then brought in plumbers and electricians to do the rest of the work.  “It was really nice to know that we were building a house for a family who was so kind and truly deserved it,” said  Danielle Janusyk, senior.

The club also helped pay for the family’s first few mortgages on the house and built and painted book cases for the family’s two sons.  The club was able to fill the book cases because each club member was encouraged to donate a few books.

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Two of the teachers who attended the trip were Ms. Kelly Holton and Mr. Daniel Otahal.  “I got appreciation for what we have,”  Otahal said.

“You don’t really understand how lucky most people from our area have it,” Janusyk said.

“The relationships that form feel like family,” Holton said.   Students and teachers who went on the trip spent fifteen hours together on a bus which, according to students who attended, flew by in no time. “Even though there were around 40 students everyone got really close,” Janusyk said.

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