Central seniors turn in early applications

It’s now November, and most early-application deadlines for higher education institutions have passed. For most seniors, the end of October was hectic, as deadlines quickly approached. After Nov. 1, the most common early-application deadline, passed, students have started to prepare for the next round of applications, most of which are due at the end of December.

As stressful as the last few weeks have been, most seniors now feel relieved. “I was able to turn in three applications before the early deadline,” Anand Iyer, senior, said. Similarly to many of his peers, Iyer waited until the last weekend to complete his applications. “I finished and turned in my early applications on Oct. 30, and they were due Nov. 1.” Iyer said.

Confronted with a dilemma faced by many seniors, Iyer had to decide whether to apply early or not, and once he decided to apply early, he had to determine whether or not a binding early decision application was appropriate for him. Iyer, after thoroughly contemplating his options, chose to apply early decision. “I liked Cornell a lot, and I wanted to see if I could find out where I was going by December. Also, I thought [applying early] would increase my chance of admission,” Iyer said.

A no-homework weekend in October was designed for seniors to have time to complete applications, and students utilized this homework-free weekend in many different ways. Some used the opportunity to complete applications without the stress of weekend homework; some took it as a brief mental-healing period; some reserved the time to catch up on homework they’d procrastinated on, and others still received homework over the weekend.

“It was really nice not having homework, but I didn’t use the homework-free weekend as well as I should have,” Iyer said. Regardless, Iyer was glad he sent in all of his applications on time. He’s applying to a total of ten institutions, three of which received applications before the Nov. 1 due date because of priority and early decision deadlines.

As second quarter begins, seniors will remain busy, working to meet their application deadlines. However, they will be able to relax and regroup for a bit, though, because the next round of deadlines won’t arrive until the end of December.