Forensics novices shape up for their first season

Hinsdale Central’s Forensics team welcomed 14 new members to the team after holding open auditions. The team holds practices after school in which novices are given the chance to shape up for the upcoming season.

Among the novices is Jackson Dockery, freshman. Dockery, who will compete in Humorous Duet Acting and Radio Speaking this year, attends practices twice weekly after school. At each 2 hour practice, members are given the opportunity to practice their events with the guidance from coaches. “They’re really helping us with our speaking, acting, and thought process for each event. We would be completely lost without them,” said Dockery. Although members of the team may have previous drama experience, David Gallo, junior says that “the coaches know way more than [they] do.”

In addition to the coaches, returning members of the Forensics team also help encourage novices. “The older members are all extremely friendly and welcoming. Novices can come to them with any questions they have,” said Gallo. Not only do Varsity members offer guidance to new members through friendly motivation, but in some cases, older members help coach new participants in their selected events.

Being new members to the team, Gallo and Dockery have to put in additional practice to be better prepared for the season. “Outside of school I try to memorize [my piece] at home so I can learn the dramatic stuff at practice,” said Gallo. Dockery agrees, saying novices have to learn ways to make their performances the best they can be.

However, both Dockery and Gallo agree that the difficulties of Forensics are outweighed by its benefits. “Being a novice can be a tough learning experience, but the meets, team support, and experience you gain are all worth it,” said Dockery. The first Forensics meet is November 5 at Downers Grove North.