Key Club participates in Rotary Run


Central’s Key Club participated in the Rotary Run on November 16th.  The event is a fundraiser for the Community House and is held near the Community House as well.

According to Rajan Khanna, junior and Key Club member, people can run in three different races or participate in a walk.

The Rotary Run’s main goal is to fundraise. “The purpose is to raise money for the Community House in Hinsdale and I believe they donate to certain charities as well,” Khanna said.

Key Club is a club that deals mainly with service, fundraising, and helping the community by organizing or helping organize certain events, such as the Rotary Run.  Barb Plantz, club sponsor, said, “we like to do all kinds of service, whether it is service here in this community or if it’s the larger community.

Participants involved in the Rotary Run are residents of the Hinsdale community as well as volunteers who want to work at the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The Rotary Run has three different options for the race. “There is a 3K, 5K, and a 10K,” Khanna said.  The run follows a course throughout Hinsdale, starting near Robins Park and it ends the Community House.

The event was marked as an accomplishment that achieved its primary goal.  “A lot of money was raised” Khanna said. “It was successful.” He thinks of the run as unifying function, which the community can organize successfully.